Best Soil for Rooftop Garden : How to Prepare Soil for Plant & pots

Best Soil for Rooftop Garden

Everyone dreams to have a beautiful rooftop garden. Making one is not that much difficult. All you need to know is some basic things. Soil is also one of those basic things to keep in mind while building a rooftop garden. Soil is the main supporting system of the plants. Plants require total 17 Essential elements out of which only carbon and oxygen provided by the air rest all the elements are provided by the soil. In this article you will read method to get best soil for rooftop garden. Country like India is greatly diversified with regarding of types of soil and its distribution. there are total 10 orders of the soil but all the soil order are deficient in one or another element. Same we can say that no soil is perfect in itself & hence we can say that No soil order provides all the 17 Essential elements readily to all the crops hence few questions arise :

Which one is best soil for the pots and garden?

How to Prepare Soil for Plant & pots ?

How to prepare soil mix for rooftop garden ?

Best Soil for Rooftop Garden
Best Soil for Rooftop Garden

Best soil mix for Rooftop Garden

Composition of the soil components for best soil for the pots for different crops and planting purpose change a little bit accordingly. An ideal soil should have 45% mineral 5% organic matter 25% air and 25% water but it’s quite difficult to prepare exact composition and nearly impossible to maintain it as such throughout the plant life.

Various experts suggest the variable composition of the sand, farmyard manure, fertilizers, compost leaf mould, Garden soil and Neem cake etc while preparing best soil for rooftop garden.

On the behalf of my experiences, I can say that there is no any hard and fast rule of this component combination. You can use these all according to your common sense, availability and requirement of the particular planting material if you have throughout knowledge of these components and functioning. So in spite of putting an exact formula here I am providing the functions of these all components with suggestions and precautions while their use.

Best Potting mix for Rooftop Garden

Garden soil

It is the base material of the potting mix in which all the microbes are present in the natural state. It is taken usually 40 to 45% of the total. While collecting Garden soil from the field care should be taken that it should be from the upper 15 cm layer because the upper layer has the maximum nutrient and soil microflora and microfauna.


If our Garden soil is of clay texture or heavy texture then we add send 15-30%. The main purpose of this is to drain the excess water and maintain aeration. You can get the sand from construction material shop at the price of 50 to 60 rupees per bag of 1.5 cubic feet volume or any ordinary sand can also be used. In established pots, we should also add the sand before the onset of monsoon.


It is the decomposed coconut husk/ coir that is compressed in the form of brick of 4-5 kg then sold in the market. We simply dip it in the water to make it swell and absorb water. Coco peat makes the soil loose and enhances water holding capacity. It is specially added in the pots in which we planed to grow flowering annuals and root vegetable crops. Cocopeat degrades and decomposes slowly to provide organic matter. It is added in pot soil from 15 to 25% usually. You can get coco peat brick from online as well as any fertilizer shop at the cost of 130-190 ₹ per brick of 5kg. 5 kg brick after absorbing water provides 20 kg Coco Peat media for adding in the soil.

Best Potting Mix for Rooftop Garden


It is the best manure than all the dung manures and farmyard manures. Vermicompost is simply the cast/ excrete of the earthworm. It contains most of the elements in ample amount. Vermicompost provides many enzymes, organic compounds and biochemicals that doesn’t found in any other manure and fertilizer. Its composition in a potting mix should be 10 to 30%. Price of vermicompost is not more than 12 rupees per kg in bulk purchase in any case but on online sites and big nurseries prices of 1 kg vermicompost is as high as rupees 50.


Usually 5 to 10 gram of Urea, DAP and SSP respectively used in large size flowering plants and perennial plants. Synthetic fertilizers are the quickest source of nutrients availability for the plants. Cost of one urea bag of 45 kg is around 300 ₹ and for the DAP it is around a thousand rupees.

Neem cake

It is the grounded seed kernel that is available in the form of crumby powder or compressed brick. It has the antifungal, antibacterial and insecticidal property that’s why it is added in the soil. One hand full of it is sufficient in one pot.

Best Soil Mix for Rooftop Garden
Best Soil Mix for Rooftop Garden

Best Soil for Rooftop Garden -Video Coming Soon

Leaf mould

It is partially decomposed leaves of the garden this is added in this soil from 10 to 20% to provide good physical health to soil and food to soil microbes. You can simply collect it from any Park Garden and your Garden as well.

Farmyard manure

It is the well-decomposed residual matter of the agricultural and dairy farm. Always mind that well decomposed (1-1.5 year old) manure should be used because undecomposed and fresh dung and the plant does it will attract the termites, silver fishes and millipedes etc. that damage the plant roots. Nutrient content of farmyard manure is relatively low then other measures and fertilizers but it is an excellent soil conditioner. If you are not using Coco Peat, vermicompost and other organic manure then you can add 30 to 40% of it during preparation of best soil for rooftop garden.

Bone meal

  1. Actually, it is grounded and steamed powder of animal bones. It is the best Phosphorus and Calcium supplier for the plants. It is slow releasing fertiliser, hence a handful of it is enough to incorporate in the soil while filling a large-sized (10-14 inches) pot. Price of the bone mill is 50-130 Rupees per kg and easily available on online sites also. Keep in mind that excess of phosphorus in the soil checks the supply of iron and Zinc also.Best Potting Mix for Rooftop Garden
    You can prepare a good nutrient-rich pot soil by mixing these components in an optimum ratio. Synthetic fertilizers are not a good choice for the growing vegetables rooftop garden purpose but you can use them in ornamentals. Organic components are long-lasting and eco-friendly. A well-prepared soil appears in the form of blooming and fragrant garden.

Hope in this post we were able to answer you question like Which soil is best for the pots and garden. Here we also tried to tell you that which soil should be avoided in the garden. Very soon we will come up with a video on how to prepare the best soil for the pots ? If you have any suggestion about best soil for rooftop garden or we missed any point, we welcome all the suggestions in the comment box.

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