How to Activate UAN Number: Step By Step Complete Guide

By | August 11, 2020

There was a time when we used to Consult account department for paper slip having information about Employees Provident Fund. Now system is almost changed. Now most of the EPF users have been provided with the unique UAN (Universal Account Number).

Last year the change was done by the Minister of Labour & Employment department. He asked all the organisations across the nation to provide the UAN number to their Employees under the PF Act. Universal Account Number (UAN) will be Unique and different to each EPF contributing member and act as the Login detail to check PF status online and other related information about your Provident Fund.

How to Activate UAN number: Step by step Method

The number available as UAN (Universal Account Number) will remain for your usage even when you shift one job to another company. It will remain available as service till individual use and subscribe same. In the post, we will discuss the whole step by step process that will help in getting EPF inforamtion online. You will be able to check the EPF Balance and the Status of Payment received from the company by using UAN number.

Activate UAN Number: Step by Step Process and Step to check EPF Balance online

You need to visit below given url i.e. the new official EPF unified portal in order to set in for the next steps of process to know the information about your own account attached with the Universal Account Number and EPF account.

Step 1: Once you visit the website,  on the right hand side of the main page, you will see the login instruction.  Read them first. If you are the first time user, then you have to select the ‘Activate UAN‘. When you do same, you will be promoted to the main page for further action/information.


Step 2: There are four options to fill details, you can choose any one of them:

UAN: Enter universal account number provided by company

Enter Member ID:  From the available list of Office and Staff, you have to choose your own designation in the company and the name of office exact.

Now you have to fill the company code offered by the employer. We would like motion that the code of each company provided by EPF Office is unique and hence differs from one company to another company.

AAdhaar: Enter Aadhaar Card number

PAN: Enter PAN number


Step 2: Here We are using first option out of the available , as part of the procedure you need to enter the Universal Account Number (UAN) in the given filed.

Step 3: After entering the Unique number received from the concern authority, you have to fill all the particulars like name, date of birth and mobile number & other information as submitted at the time of joining the company.

Step 4: After entering all this particulars , you have to enter the captcha code in related box to confirm that ur not machine or robot. Just enter the code as it is without space. Keep in mind that its in uppercase and lowercase format before clicking on ‘get authorization Pin‘ button given below.


Step 5 : For getting the confirmation, you are using the very confidential information, hence there will be double check by 4 or 6 digit otp received on your registered mobile and you have to click on ‘valid otp and activate uan‘ .  Activating UAN will let you login into your EPF Account. Now you know well how to Activate UAN Number online.

The main page of the account will be available for you to use for various thing. Hence you are advised to change the password on regular basis, for login UAN will be username and password you enter as NEW will be the password.

In your account, you can also download & save UAN card, update the related information in the PF passbook and also it lets you check epf balance online. We will talk about that in detail in another post. After reading this post you will also get idea about uan activation time.

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